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Mrs J’s Brilliant Times Tables App

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Just like the game — but available as an app for the iPhone and the iPad (from the App Store) and now an Android version (from Google Play).

Mrs J's Brilliant Tables Game
It has the same aim as the game: To teach times tables by learning the question and the answer so that, instead of having to count up in multiples, children will be able to say instantly, and with confidence, that 7 × 8 = 56.

Tables app

The secret is in doing it out loud!

The numbers must be recited aloud as the game is played.


The instructions are roughly the same.

Instead of having to lay out and pick up cards, the child will put their finger on the top card and drag it to the corner to reveal the answer.

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Mrs J’s Brilliant Times Tables App comes with full instructions and sound effects.

There is a soft noise as the cards are shuffled and a cheer to finish. Not enough to annoy but just enough to encourage.

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Each times table can be practised at six different levels (from 5 to 12 – see picture on the right).

The beginners can start with answers up to 5 … and graduate through the levels until they are confident enough to do the whole times table and all the answers up to 12.


Essentially it is FUN to play – and times tables are an essential part of having confidence with maths!

Available now...
Available now...

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