The College Collection - Set 1

College Collection Jim Jam Woody Anda
Luca Nolan Art Attack

The College Collection centres around five main characters, Luca, Anda, Jim Jam, Woody and Nolan. The first five books tell you their individual backstories and there are no illustrations of any of the characters, so that readers can use their imagination and decide for themselves what they want them to look like. In the early books each chapter is a story in itself and may only be two pages long. This is to inspire and encourage readers’ confidence.

By the sixth book they have met at college and are given a project by their year tutor. It goes horribly pear-shaped and it is only through their loyalty and friendship that disaster is averted. The College Collection follows them through their time at Parkfield College and the adventures and adversities they experience there. Above all they work hard, have fun and their friendship shines through. The subliminal messages of overcoming failure, of acceptance and support run through all the texts, alongside messages of resilience and perseverance.

The books reinforce high frequency words and the core phonic skills needed to access basic reading levels. Each set provides stories which bridge the gap between base level schemes and longer, more challenging texts. They are suitable for readers who still need a formatted reading scheme and are not yet ready to go onto free readers, but who still want interesting, engaging, real-life books. They are flexible, so no matter what other schemes you may be using, these books stand alone, enhancing and extending any reading experience.

The books provide developing readers with age-appropriate material designed to boost competence and confidence, engaging the reader and encouraging reading for pleasure. The books are also useful for reluctant readers or where the acquisition of reading skills has been identified as a problem. They have been specifically designed to consolidate young readers’ skills and to improve the confidence of older readers who are still acquiring and developing reading skills.

The books, co-written by Georgina Morgan and Emma Jonas, are aimed at top primary and lower secondary reluctant readers. The interest level is 11+. Teacher notes to assist with the use of these books in the classroom are available from our website:

The College Collection set 2 and 3 coming soon!

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